Sunday, November 11, 2012

Second Flatbread

My first post in this blog was from last year's Flatbread 200K brevet.  Yesterday was a repeat.  Finished in 7:58, well ahead of last year.  I credit lesser headwinds and better (but not optimal) nutrition


1. A Subway footlong is too much for lunch.  Suffered digestive pains/shutdown and bonked until it cleared and I could get Gatorade flowing.  Until then I was hanging with the lead group, but got dropped around mile 90.

2. Perpetuem works, but you need electrolytes separately.  6 scoops in a 24 oz bottle.

3. Had a dry bottle with Perpetuem in it which I mixed with water at lunch, but I think the powder compacted and there was a solid mass of the stuff in the bottom at the end of the ride.

Sound track: "Don't You Get So Mad" - Jeffrey Osborne